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 voting overview 

  • Offices on the Ballot: U.S. Senator, Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Congress members, State Legislators 

  • Can you register to vote online? Yes. 

  • Age Requirement to Register to Vote:18 Years Old 

  • Check your voter registration status

  • Arizona 2022 ballot measuresMeasures related to voting: 

    • Voter ID for Mail-In Ballots Initiative requires voters to provide identification with mail-in ballots.

    • Voter ID, Absentee Ballot Notarization, and Hand-Counting Votes Initiative involves changes to voter identification, absentee ballot, mail-in ballot, and tabulation of votes.

  • Polls Open at 6 AM and close at 7 PM. As long as you are in line by 7 PM, you will be able to vote.

  • Find your polling place  

 primary election: 

  • Last Day to Register to Vote: July 5th 

  • Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot: July 24th

  • Early Voting: July 6th – July 30th 

  • Election Day: August 2nd 

 general election: 

  • Last Day to Register to Vote: October 11th 

  • Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot: October 28th 

  • Early Voting: October 4th – November 4th 

  • Election Day: November 8th


Click the button below to visit VoteRiders for details on voter ID requirements. 

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The new voter suppressions laws 1) SB 1485 removes the “Permanent” from the PEVL, taking voters off the early voting list if they do not vote by mail for two consecutive elections and fail to respond to a notice. This would disenfranchise thousands of voters and put pressure on in-person polling locations and 2) SB 1003 changes the way ballots are "cured" for mail-in ballots, which requires ballots without a signature to be cured by 7 PM on Election Day.


Purging of infrequent voters from the early voting lists would affect students as well.

  • It is recommended that you check on your early voting status well in advance of the ballot request deadline to ensure you receive your mail-in ballot. 

  • If your mailing address is the same as your home address - or if your mailing address and home address is in the same county, you may opt add your name to the AZ PEVL.

  • If you haven't applied for a mail-in ballot, apply for one today. Verify your voter registration first before requesting an absentee ballot to avoid delays.  Don't wait for the deadline to request a mail-in ballot. USPS postal delays have not been resolved.

Students can register to vote at the address you consider the place where you live, whether that is your family's home or where you attend school.

You may vote even if your driver's license is from out-of-state. Your AZ driver's license doesn't have to have current address. Follow the voter registration process to ensure information is kept up-to-date.

Use the VOTERIDERS link on this page above for the latest voter ID requirements.  New legislation can affect these requirements so check them in advance of the early voting period. Another bill in the Arizona legislature is making it harder for students to even be on the voting rolls by making it illegal to hold voter registration drives on non-government property. 

Questions: Contact your County Election Office 




Sen. Mark Kelly

U.S. Senate (AZ - D)

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