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Stacked is our movement and StackedPAC is the vehicle we’ll use to drive towards our mission. StackedPAC is a student-run political action committee that is devoted to expanding the political influence of the college student voting bloc. Over the years, the deck has been stacked against us and we’re now saying, “Let’s reshuffle the cards” towards a more equitable future for each of us. College students across the country have the power to influence state and federal elections in favor of a progressive student agenda. We plan to own that power. 

Politicians have been heavy on rhetoric and light on execution, and we are facing the consequences of their inaction. StackedPAC is ready to hold them accountable. Our focus is on (1) student voter registration, (2) mobilization to get them to the polls to elect officials that represent our interests, (3) advocating for the issues that affect us most by crafting and driving policy and legislation to address them, (4) advocating for paid internships for students to ensure we are compensated as we navigate high tuition costs.

StackedPAC, through mobilization, engagement and issue advocacy, will recruit and build new leaders on campuses across the country who will engage more actively in the political process, run for office, become policy and subject area experts and be the change we seek. We value the efforts of StackedPAC national, state, and campus level leaders. Based on the level of measurable contributions to our efforts over a period of six months, we hope to be in a position to offer full time staff positions and monthly stipends to others who take on key leadership roles at a state or campus level.


StackedPAC has identified 18 battleground states and the colleges which will make a significant impact on electing Democrats in key local and statewide races. In addition to Senate and House races, we have our eyes on Governorships and state houses that will be key to protecting our democracy. We will begin in the 18 target states with a goal of registering new college voters in key districts.

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if any of these states is home to your campus,

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