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We are the student vote, and we'll make it count in 2022 and beyond.

During summer and other school breaks, more often than not, we are offered unpaid internships at a time when tuition costs are rising and we're graduating with mountains of student debt. The deck is truly stacked against us. We cannot sit on the sidelines – it's time to take action.


We're asking fellow students across the country to take the initiative and start a new chapter on your campus or join us as coalition partners if you are already part of a student organization. Through our onboarding process, we will be looking for strong leaders for national and state level roles as well as campus leads to build strong teams. We hope to offer stipends after six months based on available funding levels to those showing leadership and making a measurable impact. 


Stacked will deliver coordinated and curated training and provide support for voter registration drives and mobilization efforts to get your friends voting and drive awareness on the issues we care about. If we want to shape the social and economic agenda, we have an obligation and responsibility to vote. Help make the student vote matter.

Here's what we can accomplish together:

  • Decide who represents us, vote and hold them accountable.

  • Advocate for solutions to issues that affect us.

  • Learn to craft policy and draft legislation that will improve lives.  

  • Ensure our diversity and lived experiences are part of conversations in the halls of government.

  • Get ready to run for office!

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Welcome to Stacked!

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We are the leaders we've been waiting for.
So let's show up for each other. Are you in?

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