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 voting overview 

  • Offices on the Ballot: U.S. Senator, Governor, Attorney General, Congress members, State Legislators

  • Can you register to vote online? Yes 

  • Age Requirement to Register to Vote: 17 years old 

  • Polls Open at 7am and close at  8pm. as long as you are in line by  8pm, you will be able to vote. 

  • Find your polling place here.  

 primary election: 

  • Last Day to Register to Vote: May 23rd 

  • Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot: May 23rd

  • Early Voting: May 18th – June 6th 

  • Election Day: June 7th

 general election: 

  • Last Day to Register to Vote: October 24th 

  • Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot: October 24th

  • Early Voting: October 19th – November 7th 

  • Election Day: November 8th 


Click the button below to visit VoteRiders for details on voter ID requirements. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 8.21.39 PM.png


Iowa has enacted two sweeping and unprecedented voter suppression laws which shorten the number of days and times that people are eligible to vote during. It also makes a voter “inactive” if they miss one federal election. Should county auditors not follow this rule, they could face criminal prosecution.


As a result of Iowa's voter suppression bills which were signed into law by Governor Kim Reynolds, it is less  convenient for all voters, including students, to vote. 

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Abby Finkenauer

Candidate for U.S. Senate (IA – D)


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